3 First Habits That are Most Important For Changes

The article was intended for 2017 but I failed to write it.

As, any step to take always attach to one thing!


People nowadays try to find the definition of success, in somehow, forget something most important first before just looking for that definition.

The first success points that each of us could learn and adapt are about changing our habits,... our bad habits, of course, you might understand it yourself, what are our bad habits?
If you go to search on Amazon, there are a lot of books about habit, why so?

Because our habit determines our success.

Most of the books I read or even every advice from entrepreneurs, friends or teachers are all about go to sleep early, getup early and have a good healthy food.

I cannot write any explanation but I will take this as my challenge.

At the first plan, I will try to write for this blog once per week.

So hope I can work it out.