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My personal remarks for Digital Skill Development Roadmap, Apr 2024

Executive summary on Digital Skill Development Roadmap, followup what had been commented in last meeting in 2022/2023. On 04 Apr. 2024 at Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology - CADT. ---- I had written few remarks myself during the event but here personally post as a history for my comment so far: «My message focus on how to implement them base on the roadmap/framework» Education Engage program more to opensource community: translate, contribute code and practice Engage on existing research of local community to boost support and grow on both research methodology, confirm and move on Adaptive on Bootcamp program for current workforce in digital for new skill, best practice and to fulfill current skill better Government Some open government projects to community, to prevent duplicate development and unnecessary spend on duplicate research such as open data on Khmer Unicode case, speech and so on. Visit other countries: education, private solution and so on Private sector Continue to h

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