Motivation for myself

It's been so long that I'm not really writing about myself and really focus on my real esteem, at first I thought to keep writing at least one per month but I didn't, of course, I did something on my tech blog @AskMe, there are plenty of articles growing lately but I still lack articles about myself in this blog.

And I also keep texting some status at my facebook page.

The first mistake, there's always some obstacles such as I do not have graphics to post, not really have time to design, may be sometimes because of not sure if I should write in English or Khmer etc.

We always have an excuse to do it.

Beside everyday working and focusing to solve problem of the company, I, myself also forgot what's else I want to do as mostly really focus on daily basic and future plan of the company as a management and leader... and so on.

So, it's now 2020!

Let's find our self-motivation to go on what we want to do, what we like beside what we are already doing.

On December, I went to the Agile conference in Vietnam, I intended to join in order to change the management style more deeper, to develop myself to a next step, it's a starter of one point.

Of course, we need more goal and plan to satisfy ourselves but without our self-motivation, you will never make it.

Why we have to wait for other to motivate us?
Why we cannot do it ourselves? Seek the way and try to put ourselves in the motivation atmosphere that what we have to do from now on.

I don't care if I will have any graphic to put on my blog.
I don't care if my article is correct or wrong.
I care if I could keep writing and may motivate myself and other through this.

Do you think are you in the situation without any self-motivation?
Let's join the journey.
Make it ourselves!