Do you want Agile Conference in Cambodia?

In last December 2019, I was trying to be more closer to agile community and also local agile people.

Later on, in March 2020, we have a local meetup with passionate team for an #AgileHappyHour at Factory Phnom Penh, it was a great discussion in order to start educate and form-up team to make Agile Conference happens in Cambodia.

So sorry, Covid-19 also became serious and mostly we felled back to focus on other points to fight in the situation. I was starting to deeply involve in developing some education tool to provide K12 distance learning in Cambodia, and a lot of other programs along and other people also start keeping distance and focus on their works and family.

But it won't stop us, we still keep exchanging the idea... and then Agile conference in Asia also start discussing on this too, we are now joining the team in Asia to make "Virtual Agile Conference", hope this gonna happen some day very soon.

We might need to do the same thing, the virtual conference, and here are some topics we were in discussing so far:

Then, how do you think? Do you want Agile Conference in Cambodia?

Share some thought, please.

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